WACO, Texas — Baylor University students reacted to president Dr. Linda Livingstone's statement about the university's stance on human sexuality.

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In her statement, Livingstone said the university welcomes all students but cited an unchanged policy saying Baylor students will not participate in advocacy groups that promote understandings of sexuality that contradict "biblical norms." 

The statement came after an LGBTQ student group on campus, Gamma Alpha Upsilon, put in a charter request for official university recognition.

The group took to Twitter to say the statement wasn't enough.

"Us- hey can we reserve a room?

Baylor- we made you a FAQ page, we love you, god bless !"

Kyle Desrosiers, a senior at Baylor and a part of the campus LGBTQ+ community, said the statement broke his heart.

Desrosiers feels it does not change any basic values the university has long held and that it reiterates a culture of exclusion.

“To me, the statement felt like a callous way to placate the LGBTQ communities and allies, but also placate the conservative members of the communities who are the donors and board of regents as well as the administration," Desrosiers said.

Desrosiers said the community's fight is not over.