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Baylor students excited to be back on campus, hope for a normal year

Baylor students piled back onto campus in Waco over the last week and are anticipating the first day of school on Monday

WACO, Texas — After three months of having no one on campus, Baylor University is welcoming back students as classes begin on Monday. 

“I’m so ready to be back and meet people in my classes, that was really weird not being able to talk to people," Hannah, a Baylor senior, said. "I feel like every year my friend group expands because I meet new people from new classes and stuff and last semester I like didn’t get to do that at all.”

Students are excited to finally be back on campus, despite the protocols that will follow this year. While students, faculty, and staff are not required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the university is encouraging it. For students, they are just hoping for a normal year. 

“Definitely reconnecting with friends, going to the slick has been incredible," Jack, a Baylor senior, said. "Being able to play basketball, enjoying just one last run at this because it’s senior year, love being back at Baylor.”

Masks will temporarily be required inside labs, classrooms, and other specific indoor settings, according to the school. 

A new generation of Baylor students are prepping for their first day tomorrow. Current senior, Katie, a student hoping to become a teacher has advice for them. 

"Literally go to anything that someone invites you to, I mean be safe and be reasonable but hangout with different groups of people, meet everyone because after freshman year you kind of find your group and so just meet everyone and hangout as much as you can.”

Classes begin on Monday and of course, students are excited for the first home football game at McLane Stadium on September 11.