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Baylor University uses Grubhub-linked food delivery robots around campus

20 different food delivery robots can be found roaming the streets of Baylor. Students and faculty can use the Grubhub app to order food from seven restaurants.

WACO, Texas — The future is here! A new year means new robots.

Baylor University has officially released 20 new robots and they're currently rolling around campus. This addition stems from a partnership between Baylor Dining, Starship Technologies and Grubhub. 

These new food delivery bots are self-driving and are already on campuses including the University of Houston, SMU and UT at Dallas. These six-wheel rollers can hop curbs and cross streets, with an occasional run in every now and then.

"I think it'd be pretty resourceful if you're sick or under the weather or just don't have time to leave your room to go get food if you're working on something," Taylor Boteler, a freshman at Baylor, said. "So, I think it's really convenient to have it delivered to you."

Baylor students can now open up the Grubhub app and choose from seven different restaurants around campus, getting food that arrives on six wheels instead of four. These options include Panda Express, two Starbucks locations, Steak 'N Shake, Which Wich, Moe's and Rising Roll.

"I'm going to use it because I'm kind of lazy," Nathaniel Burbank, a freshman at Baylor, said. "I think it's a neat feature because I want to see if it's actually going to come to me and meet the expectations it has."

It's an Uber Eats or DoorDash lovers dream.

"I'm definitely one to DoorDash a lot. It's a habit and people love it," Brayden Hansson, a freshman at Baylor, said. "It's nice to get it in your dorm and not have to walk outside if it's cold or icy. But, it's definitely a little lazy. I'll own up to it."

It may be a little lazy, but it's resourceful. These robots are the future.

"It feels like next step would be a car that picks you up that doesn't have someone driving," Hansson said. "It's very very weird, but kind of fun and interesting."

One student has the perfect idea to spruce up these Baylor bots.

"Maybe put a bear on it. That'd be so cute," Kaitlyn Giordano, a freshman at Baylor, said. "Oh my gosh imagine Bruiser just sitting on it. That'd be so cute."

The service also works with a student meal plan and dining dollars. Baylor students are eager to try out this new addition and are already getting used to these bots rolling around campus.

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