Killeen ISD fired a teacher's aide after the district said she admitted to taking a photo of a young girl inside the bathroom at Timber Ridge Elementary School in Killeen.

District administrators terminated the aide Tuesday morning. The incident in question happened last week, according to KISD.

The aide told the district that she walked into the bathroom and realized one of the students was misbehaving. She said she intended to take a photo to show the young girl's teacher, according to KISD. But, district administrators said her intent did not matter because the action was still wrong.

"Aides, teachers, others need to have common sense," KISD Spokesperson Terry Abbott said. "You can't walk into a private area with a camera and take a picture. That's something that would never be allowed regardless of the motive."

Abbott was adamant that no pictures were taken in the stalls. There were other young girls in the bathroom at the time. But, KISD said all the children were fully clothed and mostly gathered around the sink.

"The instructional aide said she was doing this for the right reason -- that she needed to show the teacher that the student was misbehaving and not following directions," Abbott explained. "But, the reason at this point doesn't matter. That action was wrong. No parent wants an employee of a school to step into a restroom and take a picture of their kids."

The girl's parent filed an official complaint with the Killeen Police Department, which was investigating the incident. Specific details about the investigation were not immediately released. Speaking with Channel 6, the parent, who asked not to be identified, said her daughter claimed similar incidents had happened more than once.