BELTON, Texas — It's a career Dr. Susan Kincannon has wanted since she was in the fourth grade. Counting up more than 20 years of educator experience under her belt, Kincannon has her grade school teacher to thank.

“I had a phenomenal fourth-grade teacher, Ms. Kellingsworth, who is still in the Lampasas-Kepner area today," she said. 

It was Kellingsworth's style in the classroom that inspired Kincannon most.

“She was innovative in teaching, but mostly it was about the love of the classroom and how she made me feel special," Kincannon said. "So, I wanted to do that for other children.” 

This is something Kincannon is accomplishing at the school district with her own program called the Superintendent Scholars Program. Her goal is to keep it fresh on campuses in order to keep students focused and moving forward.

“The Superintendent Scholars Program was a way for us to have an incentive to study and have knowledge on why we need to study,” senior student Jacob Jimenez said.

It's because of the program that Jimenez will soon pack his bags and move to Massachusetts to attend Harvard University.

“You’re constantly a role model for children, for teachers, for other administrators," she said. 

Deanna Lovesmith, Belton ISD assistant superintendent said Kincannon's leadership isn’t lost on those who work with her. 

“It’s incredible, she is an impactful leader," Lovesmith said. “I think students adore her. You will see her at every different athletic game, extracurricular fine arts activity, a performance, or concert.”

Kincannon wears the hat to a number of different roles, including being a mom. It wasn’t too long ago her daughter walked the halls at Belton High School. Having a daughter nearby helped Kincannon balance her duties. 

“I was able to go to my daughters’ activities and represent the school district, and be a mom at the same time,” she said. 

Her busy schedule never stopped her from keeping students encouraged. 

A message Kincannon has for the more than 12,000 students at Belton ISD?

"Don’t let anything hold you back," she said. "You can be anything that you want to be.”

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