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Idaho mom says son got 'disgusting' sandwich due to $1.82 overdue lunch account

An Idaho School District said the alternative meals meet standard nutrition requirements.

POST FALLS, Idaho — A Post Falls mom is upset about an alternative lunch her son got when he ran out of lunch money this week. 

She posted a photo of the meal on Facebook and it's already getting a lot of attention.

Michele Young got the photo from her Post Falls high school senior, Kaleb. He told her his lunch account is at -$1.82.

"I said it looked disgusting," Young said about the cheese sandwich and two packs of vegetables.

She said she was unaware her son's lunch account got so low. The district only notified her about her elementary student's low account, not Kaleb's. Young said the district sent her an email to an old account  she does not regularly check.

Young said she's glad her son at least had vegetables. But she's appalled at the sandwich.

"There is absolutely no protein," Young said. "The bun looks stale and moldy."

She said the Post Falls School district's Director of Nutrition told her this alternative meal meets nutritional standards.

"She absolutely did not apologize," Young said. "She made it clear to me it meets the guidelines."

According to the district's website, students Kindergarten through 8th grade are allowed three meal charges if they run out of lunch money. But high school students are not allowed any meal charges.

"She stated that with the high school students, they are held accountable," Young said.

Post Falls School District Superintendent Jerry Keane said students who run out of lunch money do not get to chose their entree. They either get a cheese sandwich or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But they can have as many vegetables as they choose.

Keane confirms these alternative meals meet standard nutrition requirements. He said concerns surrounding the alternative meals is prompting the district to re-evaluate its lunch policy.

KREM 2 checked with Spokane Public schools about its lunch money practices. Spokesperson Brian Coddington said if a student runs out of lunch money, they still receive a regular lunch that is credited to their account. Then, the school notifies parents of the low amount.

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