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UNC school system eliminates spring break for 2021

Because the pandemic is still going on, the school system decided to keep students on campus for the annual spring break

GREENSBORO, N.C. — March and April are huge months for travel. As the temperatures begin to rise, folks flock to the beach of their choice. 

Especially college students, because as we know, college students love spring break. 

However this year is different for students that attend Schools in the North Carolina University system. 

This year, those universities will not have a spring break for students or staff. Instead they have built in "Wellness Days" for students to have off. There are no classes or assignments due this day, and students are encouraged to use the time however they feel necessary to decompress. 

I spoke with multiple students from North Carolina A&T State University who weren't upset with the decision. "Right now we're at that point where everyone is starting to get the vaccine, and some people are a little bit against it. It's just a bit smarter to just play it safe" says Kyal Dorsey, a junior student at the university. 

Kina Johnson is a senior Mass Media Production student, and she is in favor of this decision. "It's a little sad or whatever. But at the same time I do understand this is a necessary thing to do to help slow the spread of COVID."