EDITOR'S NOTE: This story contains spoilers for This Is Us. You have been warned.

The company behind a cooking appliance tasked with cooking our food slowly is on damage control thanks to an episode of NBC's mega-popular tearjerker "This Is Us."

Avid watchers of the hit show are aware of the death of Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia. But until Tuesday night's episode little was known about the cause.

Now, fans have their culprit: An apparent faulty slow cooker.

During the episode, Jack is seen cleaning the kitchen in a flashback. He hangs a note for Kevin, switches off lights and places a rag next to the slow cooker before turning it off. An even further-back flashback reveals the slow cooker was given to Jack and Rebecca by their neighbor, George. "You got to fiddle with the switch, but it works," he says.

Back to Jack's "current" time period, the slow cooker's faulty switch turns back on and sparks a fire. Heartbreaking flashbacks show happier times as the fire grows. Episode end.

Fans quickly blamed the Crock-Pot for the demise of their beloved character.

Many claimed they threw their slow cooker out.

Some just hate it now.

While others will apparently take the popular wedding gift off their registry.

The fan wrath got so big Crock-Pot responded to people all over social media.

Series creator Dan Fogelman also came to their defense on Twitter.

Looks like the slow cooker may be in hot water for awhile. It's probably just going to get worse in the coming days.

NBC says "all of your questions will be answered" in a special episode following the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.