PORTLAND, Ore. — A local perfume company has the perfect gift idea for some people on your list. The first-ever perfume, for men or women, made with the essential oils from marijuana.

It's called Imeon, named for the Hindu word for the Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan, because the perfume uses the strain of marijuana called Purple Hindu Kush. There's no THC in it.

It's made by Olo, a small, Portland-based perfume company. For 10 years, they've been making beautiful scents with sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and all kinds of the usual and unusual flavors. The scents are popular sellers in the fashion boutiques of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris.

Cannabis terpenes are the base for the fragrance, and there's also lemon, tobacco, and frankincense added to it. The owner of Olo met the Portland owner of Quill vaporizer smoking pens, and the two crafted this idea to make this perfume over the past year.

The developers describe it as elegant. It smells very woodsy and warm with notes of lemon. It's for women and men.

"It's for someone who's interested in fragrance first off," said Ian Shaughnessy of Quill. "This is not geared toward a cannabis person, it's actually geared towards someone who enjoys a nice fragrance, enjoys smelling nice and feeling nice."

Jonathan Sielaff, co-owner of Olo Fragrance, says his customers are generally people who are looking for something more subtle and nuanced.

"We're usually not trying to make fragrances that are room fillers," he said. "We want to make something where someone gives you a hug and you're like 'oh my god, you smell great'. There's still a lot of trial and error, where you're adding one ingredient because you think it'll work, but it's too much, so you make another blend with a little bit less."

You can buy Imeon at their store at 1407 SE Belmont in Portland for $95 a bottle. The business partners say it's very expensive to extract cannabis oil, which is part of the price.

They're launching the fragrance Tuesday night with a party from 6-8 p.m. at Cloudforest, at 1141 SE Stark.