COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Ten days ago, a dog named Gus was wondering around southeast Houston with a shoestring embedded in his severely swollen neck and a body full of pellets.

When rescuers from K911 Rescue took Gus to Vergi Animal Hospital in Houston --and later to Texas A&M’s Small Animal Hospital -- veterinarians weren’t even sure they could save him.

gus blankie_1536619783334.jpg.jpg
Gus is out of the hospital and eating up all of the love and attention from his foster family. (Marina Harrison photos)

After two surgeries and a lot of TLC, Gus has made a miraculous recovery. He is out of the hospital and making himself at home with his new foster family.

“He loves physical attention and has started jumping up, he’s wagging his tail. He’s doing really well,” said Marina Harrison, Gus’ foster mom.

Harrison is also a veterinary technician who helped treat the animal at Texas A&M University.

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“He still needs bandage changes, so he’s still healing a little bit. He’ll need a recheck in a few weeks, so it just made sense to me to keep him and bring him to work with me every day,” she said. “He’s a little spoiled. He has pushed all the other dogs out of their beds and wiggled his way in. He’s great with other dogs. He loves to eat. He has a great appetite.”

Vets will know if Gus needs a third surgery soon.

If he doesn’t, Gus will be ready for his forever home in the next few months.

His foster mom wants people to be aware that Gus’ story isn’t unique.

“This is not an uncommon thing. If you see a dog in the street, in a field, try to help,” said Harrison. “Especially in Houston. The stray levels are really high. There are a lot of homeless animals, so saving one dog’s life really helps.”