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'Don't put this at the bottom of your to-do list' Charlotte woman battling cancer shares important message

Amy Jones is urging women not to put off a mammogram during the pandemic.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Amy Jones is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Wells Fargo. She's a mom of two. And she's battling stage 3 breast cancer.

“I'm not somebody with any family history with this disease, and I just think you can't really look back," said 51-year-old Jones.

Jones had pushed off her mammogram for four years. She worries that others will push off their screenings too due to the pandemic.

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“Don't put this at the bottom of your to do list as we have so many things in life to handle and things are not normal in the Coronavirus era but make that a priority,” said Jones. “I wish I had gotten that mammogram in 2018.”

According to the Journal Science, published in June, screenings and diagnosis of cancer dropped this spring.

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So to raise awareness, Jones’ daughter has started an instagram page, selling scarves. All the process go to Susan G. Komen.

“I think that the support and the incredible unexpected care that so many people have shown me over these last several months has been so incredible and I'm so grateful for it, but I also think in some of the dark moments I just spoke to myself you're strong Amy; now is the time to really depend on it. Manifest it. But I really really think people are stronger than they may give themselves credit for," said Jones.

Jones will finish her chemo treatments in September right before Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, and she hopes to continue to raise awareness on the importance of screening.

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