WACO, Texas — With the number of coronavirus cases increasing each day, the demand for surgical masks is also rising. 

On average, the Waco Family Health Center sees 1,000 patients per week. Almost half of those patients have to be given a mask due to their respiratory symptoms.

According to Dr. Jackson Griggs, the CEO of Waco FHC, their supply of masks will run out at the end of the week, and the new ones are on backorder. 

With coronavirus becoming more serious, soon all the patients that enter the building will be ordered to wear a mask. This is because several people have been asymptomatic when carrying COVID-19. 

The Waco FHC put out a video of Dr. Griggs on Facebook where he asked the community members who are skilled in sewing to please donate their time to make masks for the practice. The video has received nearly 30,000 views. 

Reyna Reyes, whose mother is a skilled, longtime seamstress, decided to create a Facebook group (Waco Masks Seamstress for COVID) to find people to help.

"There are now over 600 members in the group," Reyes said. "About 100 are making masks and everyone else is either in need of one or is donating materials." 

They are holding a mask and supply drive Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Action Rentals in Waco (811 Lake Air Dr, Waco, TX 76710). A box will be outside for people to drop their donations. 

Supplies that are needed are fabric, elastic, needle and thread, craft wire, and pipe cleaners. A tutorial on how to make the proper masks can be found below. 

Vavette Blevins also sent 6 News a message about a Facebook group encouraging people to sew masks. It lists healthcare centers from around Texas that are in need of masks.

"It gives crafters the ability to sew face masks, package them up and send them off all from the safety of their home," said Blevins. "I know there are several groups of crafters here in the local area who are waiting to find out where they can donate their masks, so this will give them the ability to do so easily."

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