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Harker Heights nurses head to New Jersey to help with state's coronavirus efforts

This is the second time the two nurses will travel to New Jersey to help COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Tiffany Clark-McCray and Amber Witt are nurses at Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights, and on Sunday they will head to the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic to help. 

The pair spent two weeks in early April working in the ICU at Hackensack Medical Center, Pascack Valley in Westwood, New Jersey. While there, they were asked if they would come back later that month, to a sister hospital in Central Jersey. They agreed. 

After coming back to Central Texas for a few weeks, they will now go to Monclair, New Jersey to work in the ICU at Hackensack Medical Center, Mountainside. 

Both McCray and Witt are cardiac nurses at Seton, but they both have ICU experience, that is the unit they will once again work in. Their first time there, the ICU was an experience they had never seen before.

"The first week it was just deaths, that was all we were encountering," Witt said. "It was just people passing." 

When asked if they were hesitant to go back a second time they both stated that this decision wasn't even a question. 

"We said they need help lets go," said McCray. "I think Amber and I answered within two minutes that we would go back." 

With both women entering into an environment unfamiliar to them they only wanted to do it together. 

"We asked if we could work in the same unit with the same shift," said Witt. "We wanted to have a buddy system where we can take care of each other and have each others back."  

They are set to return on May 9. 

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