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No vaccine shortages in Central Texas, health officials say

Both Bell and McLennan Counties have received shipments on-time.

As the Coronavirus continues to ramp up across the country and demand for the vaccine increases, keeping the vaccine in stock nationwide has been a problem.

"I think the only problem that we're facing locally, at the state level and at the federal level is supply," said James Stafford, with the Bell County Health District. "Right now, the demand for the vaccine has really been outpacing the supply of it."

Stafford told 6 News there is a strategic plan in place as demands increase. He said there is no risk of a shortage locally.

"We are not at any risk of running out of the vaccine and that is partly why we have not re-opened appointments at this time because we want to make sure that we can always have enough vaccine ready to meet the need," he said.

Kelly Craine with the McLennan County Health District said DSHS has continued to deliver 1,500 doses every week. They haven't been told anything different.

"When we get that vaccine, we're going to be ready and we'll be ready to schedule our next clinic," she said. "We don't want the vaccine to be on our shelves any longer than a day or two."

Craine said they expect their next shipment in the coming days and understands the demand for those who want it is high.

"Exercise your patience. The vaccine is an important tool in our toolbox and I want everyone to have it," Craine said.

The most recent data supplied to 6 News from the Texas Department of State Health Services indicates the following numbers when it comes to vaccinations:

Bell County

  • 33,650 doses of COVID-19 vaccine allocated to providers
  • 17,160 doses administered
  • 14,640 people vaccinated with at least one dose
  • 2,520 people fully vaccinated

McLennan County

  • 23,700 doses allocated to providers
  • 14,309 doses administered
  • 13,024 people with at least one dose
  • 1,285 people fully vaccinated

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, a new strain has begun to make its way around the country but has yet to arrive in Central Texas.

"We haven't heard anything specific but honestly, if it's in the world it will be in Central Texas and among us," said Craine. "As we know, this virus spreads quickly, it spreads so fast. It was around the world in less than a month. So, the idea that the UK Variant is here, that means that at any point you could come across someone who has it."

If you would like more information on where the COVID vaccine is available. you can find a map here.

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