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Price gouging should be reported to Attorney General, not police

With reports of people hiking up prices of things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer during the pandemic, we took a look to see how to report those claims.

WACO, Texas — The Waco Police Department reports that they have been contacted about people selling items from their homes or online and 6 News received a tip today for the exact same thing.

Upon visiting one of these homes and asking to buy toilet paper, the person living there said no, because the city had shut them down for selling toilet paper and other items.

The person also said they had bought all that toilet paper in Killeen and sold out yesterday.

City of Waco Spokesman Larry Holze made it clear that selling in this manner is illegal. 

"Selling from a residential property is not allowed," he said. "A person doing that for a garage sale or a state sale can do it twice a year but it's limited to certain hours."

If you come across someone you believe is price gouging, you are supposed to call the Attorney General to report it - not the police. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has already said his office is not going to put up with price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Any person or business selling goods must be aware that they are prohibited by law from engaging in price gouging if they unreasonably raise the cost of necessary supplies at any point during a declared disaster,” Paxton said in a press release in early March. 

If you think you have encountered price gouging, call the attorney general's complaint line at 800-621-0508 or file a complaint online.

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