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Quarantine in a garage | Baylor grad goes viral on Tik Tok

Katherine McChurch showcased her set up and has gained hundreds of thousands of views.

CALIFORNIA, USA — A new Baylor graduate has gone viral on the popular app Tik Tok after traveling back home to California and quarantining. Katherine McChurch has set up shop in her family's garage and documented the experience on the app. A couple of the videos have gained hundred of thousands of views.

"Blown away by it. It's become the topic of conversation with my family and it's honestly been like super helpful to keep me busy while I've been in here," McChurch said. 

She said her family is high risk and that is why she is staying in the garage.

"I want to make sure I'm quarantining for the appropriate amount of time, even with negative test results, just want to be like fully sure that everything is all good to protect them," McChurch said. 

She sleeps in the back of her mom's car with a mattress and her family has blocked off an entryway for her to have access to a half bath. McChurch said isolating in the garage has not been bad.

"I think the hardest part is being so close to my family, but not being able to go hug them and touch them and things like that," McChurch said. 

6 News asked if there was a stress about her coming home, given COVID-19 cases in Waco and California. She said she almost did not come home.

"Which is why, you know I have tried to reiterate like through videos and just through talking to anybody, that like, I'm so aware that I'm really lucky to even be in this situation," McChurch said.