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Stuck at home? Now what? List of family fun things to do at home!

We’ve put together a list of things you can do at home with your family!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The best part about being at home is being in your pajamas and of course spending time with family. But after a few days, you need a little break and a lot of creativity to get you through the rest of the week.

We’ve put together a list of things you can do at home with your family! 


See something missing from this list? Text us what you do for family fun! All creative ideas welcome, text them now to 336-379-5775. We'll keep adding to this list! You can also get this list straight to your fun by texting keyword FUN to  336-379-5775.

1. Movie Day
Make it a movie day! Pull out all your favorite movies and make some popcorn or make it a Netflix Binge party. You can even let the kids pick a family movie to watch.

2. Indoor Obstacle Course
Make an indoor obstacle course for the entire family to have fun. Take elements from board games and whatever items you have around the house and come up with a way to keep score. Just make sure no one gets hurt in the process!

3. Treasure Hunt
Make an indoor treasure hunt for the kids! Come up with some clues, hide items and let the kids go wild. Maybe throw in some historical facts about pirates and the North Carolina Coast.

4. Indoor Photo Booth
Grab some construction paper, glue, glitter and get to making crafts you can use for a fun photo booth kind of day with the kids. Also, get dress up items and maybe even some costume makeup then share your pictures by texting us at 336-379-5775.

5. Family Bake-Off
Challenge the kids to a bake-off vs. the parents. Each creates a dish, then present it, and vote on who’s got the best dish around.

6. Indoor Camping
Go ahead and grab the tent and set it up inside for a family fun weekend of camping. Tell ghost stories, jokes, and make microwave s’mores.

7. Get Crafty

Go crazy wild with crafting. Dive into a project or turn to Pinterest for plenty of creative ideas for you and the kids.

8. Tell Ghost Stories

Each family members goes around telling a ghost story or at least watch the movie The Goonies!

9. Kids’ Karaoke

Let the kids showcase their singing talents with a kids’ mic night!

10. Kids’ Talent Show

From kid magicians to dancers and singers, let them go wild by hosting their own family talent show!

11. Dance Video

Make your own dance video! 

12. Spotlight

Spotlight is a game and it’s played with a group of people or kids in large, dark environments or in a house. One player is designated as the 'seeker'. The game is over when the seeker has tagged 'out' all the players after finding them using a flashlight.

13. Game Time!

Play hide-and-seek!

14. Get Dramatic

Write, direct, and put on an original play!

15. Read & Draw

Read a book and then draw a picture from one part of the book or add a new ending to it.

16. Secret Code

Use numbers and symbols to create a secret code to decipher a sentence that you create.

17. Sidewalk Chalk

What’s more fun than sidewalk chalk?

18. Outside Fun

Ride a bike, take a walk, walk your dog, take a nature walk, cloud watching, picnic, or create an outside obstacle course.

19. Fun Games

Twister, Chutes & Ladder, Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Candy Lane, Sorry, Operation, Apples to Apples, Mouse Trap, Pictionary, Cranium, Left Center Right.

20. Science Fun

Allow your kids to make science experiments using items in the house! Just make sure you supervise it! 


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