OAKDALE, La. — A Temple man arrested in 2007 after police found 19 grams of crack and 21 grams of cocaine in his apartment was the first federal inmate to die of coronavirus, according to an NBC News article.

Patrick Jones had been serving time in a federal prison in Louisiana since April 2017.

He was arrested inside his apartment along with his wife.

Jones went to trial and was ultimately given a 27 year sentence. His wife received three months probation after agreeing to testify against him, NBC News reported.

NBC News obtained a letter Jones wrote to U.S. District Judge Alan Albright asking to have his sentence reduced through the First Step Act, which provides relief to some inmates serving time for non-violent offenses.

Albright denied the request on Feb. 26, according to NBC news. Jones died 22 days later after contacting COVID-19 at Oakdale federal prison.

A total of five prisoners have died at the prison. At least 18 inmates and four staff members have tested positive, according to NBC news.

The Bureau of Prisons said Jones had "long-term, pre-existing medical conditions," according to the Associated Press.

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