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Answering your questions about COVID vaccines heading to pharmacies

According to the CDC, there are four chains in Texas getting doses.

HOUSTON — We know you have a lot of questions about those one million COVID-19 vaccines being shipped to pharmacies nationwide next week.

Here is a breakdown of the latest.

Which pharmacies in Texas will get the vaccines?

According to the CDC, there are four chains in Texas getting doses. They are CVS, H-E-B, Good Neighbor Pharmacy - which represents independent typically family owned stores, and Walmart.

How are pharmacy sites chosen to get COVID vaccine?

Based on their ability to reach socially vulnerable and at-risk populations For instance, Walmart says 90% of the country lives within 10 miles of one of its stores.

Where and how do you get a COVID-19 vaccine at a pharmacy?

CVS has announced 70 of its Texas stores will be involved but none of the retailers has said which specific locations will administer shots.

Regularly check each pharmacy chain's website for those addresses. Right now, CVS says its targeting Tuesday to put up that information and registration options.

Who's eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine at a pharmacy?

Still Phase 1A and 1B patients, and no walk ins will be accepted.

How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

The vaccine is free.

And finally in the U.S., 27 million people have gotten at least one dose edging out the 26.5 million who've tested positive for COVID, according to Johns Hopkins University, since the start of the pandemic.

That means there are now more vaccinations than COVID cases, a hopeful milestone.