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Federal Retail Pharmacy Program vaccines to arrive Thursday

The federal government is sending vaccines to Texas pharmacies. Here's who will get it, and how you register.
Credit: CVS Health Newsroom

TEMPLE, Texas — The Federal Retail Pharmacy Program will be sending vaccine to state Pharmacies as early as Thursday of this week, according to the CDC. 

Texas will get 81,700 in that first round of doses, according to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. The federal government has not sent DSHS the final list showing exactly where that vaccine will go at this time, according to a DHSH spokeswoman. 

According to the CDC, there are four companies in Texas tasked with distributing the vaccine: CVS Pharmacy, H-E-B, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, and Walmart. 

CVS and HEB both confirmed to 6 News Monday they should receive the vaccine by Thursday. 

CVS will get 38,000 doses of vaccine in 70 Texas locations. Customers can search by state for vaccine availability on this website. A CVS spokeswoman told 6 News customers can make vaccination appointments starting Thursday and receive the vaccinations starting Friday. A spokeswoman said the timeline for registration had to be moved from earlier in the week because of a supply delay. 

HEB will get 12,900 doses across 97 Texas locations. An HEB spokeswoman wasn't able to say exactly which stores will have vaccine available this week but said customers should check this website consistently for availability. 

At this time, the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program will adapt to local state guidelines for vaccine eligibility. Texas is still in phase 1A and1B. 

CDC spokeswoman Katherina Grusich told 6 News vaccine supply will increase in the future.  

"As the program expands, and supply becomes more readily available, the allocation may be adjusted to reflect partner size (number of store locations nationwide), reach (percent of the total U.S. population living within 5 miles of a store location), and ability to vaccinate (throughput). We have let jurisdictions know how much vaccine pharmacy partners will be initially distributing to the retail locations in their communities, so recommend that you reach out to the state health department for the specifics to Texas," Grusich said. 

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