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How parents can help kids control weight gain during pandemic | Connect the Dots

According to NPR, doctors across the country are reporting signs of worrisome weight gain amognst kids during the last year.

Doctors are concerned about kids packing on the pounds during the pandemic. So how can parents help?

Let's connect the dots.

There is not a lot of hard data yet on the rise in children's weight during the last year, but according to NPR, doctors across the country are reporting signs of worrisome weight gain.

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The reason behind the trend isn't a big mystery. Kids have lost out on gym classes, playgrounds and turned to comfort foods just like adults. Some also missed out on yearly check-ups with a doctor.

It can be tricky for parents to address weight issues with children and according to the experts, the best tactic might be to do less talking and more setting a good example. 

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Talking to kids about the risks of diabetes and heart disease is usually not effective, but doing things like exercising yourself and inviting them to tag along is a good tip. Also, stocking the house with healthy food helps.

There is another factor parents might not want to face -- screen time. A lot of parents eased up on restrictions when the pandemic hit. Doctors now say it could be time to reinforce limits. 

The good news is doctors predict when our routines return to normal, kids should bounce back.

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