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Labor Day: 5 Ways to Reduce Job Burnout

Texas Today enlists the help of Dr. Brandon Gillespie to discuss mental health.

TEMPLE, Texas — This Labor Day, we're diving into the topic of mental health in the workplace. As the holiday marks a time to celebrate the contributions of workers, it's essential to address the often-overlooked aspect of mental well-being.

 "Burnout is a physical and mental exhaustion," licensed therapist Dr. Brandon Gillespie tells Texas Today. "You may be irritable. You may be less productive at work. You may feel angry. You may feel you haven't had enough sleep."

 So, how do you deal with burnout? Dr. Gillespie suggests:


 Take some time to reset your priorities. Figure out what's most important and take a break from those things that aren’t!


 Talk to your colleagues, your friends, loved ones, or a licensed professional.


 Assess what you can say yes to, and what you can let go.


 Go for walks and do regular exercise. Just a little bit of movement can change your mood and boost your energy.


 And finally, develop a self-care routine that brings joy, and renewal.

 "It's really about self-care,” Dr. Gillespie says. "Self-care is every day."

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