WACO, Texas — A local mother credited her CPR training for saving her daughter's life.

Three years ago, Melissa Garcia found her 3-year-old floating face down in a swimming pool.

"When I yanked her out of the water her body was blue, cold, limp," Garcia said. "She was not responsive."

Before paramedics arrived, Garcia was able to perform CPR on the little girl.

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors had good news.

"She was alive," Garcia said. "Thank God that's all I needed to hear."

Garcia said her training was the difference between life and death that day, and she encourages everyone to be trained in the lifesaving tactic.

Melissa Garcia's daughter, 6
Melissa Garcia's daughter, three years after she nearly lost her life in a near-drowning.

"I can't stress how important it was that I was CPR trained," Garcia said. "You never think you'll have to use it, let alone on your own child... If something were to happen-- whether it's a drowning or a choking-- somebody can step up to take action before paramedics arrive."

Evan Bates at the Waco Family YMCA said CPR training is necessary for parents to make sure their children are safe in worst case scenarios.

"My encouragement is for everybody, especially if you have kids, to learn... because in the event of an emergency you can save a family or friend," Bates said.

Anyone looking to be trained in CPR can sign up for lessons on the Waco Family YMCA website.

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