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Missing keepsakes? Salado Public Library hoping to return found mementos to tornado victims

The items will be set up in the historical section of the library for families to claim them whenever they get the chance.

SALADO, Texas — The Salado Public Library is serving as a hub for photos, documents and keepsakes that may belong to someone whose home was damaged from the tornado that struck Salado on Tuesday.

Philip Boring lives in Jarrell. He spent the day in Salado picking up rubble and finding mementos and tokens of remembrance of people who were rocked by the tornado.

"I found pictures, two yearbooks, a baseball and stuff that kids might be missing,” said Boring. “I’m just trying to find anything of significance that people might be happy to find again."

Salado Public Library Director Jeanie Lively said people can bring the items to the library where they will have them on display.

"We are looking for pictures, papers and stuff like that. If they find something really large, we would ask they take a picture of the item and bring it to us," said Lively.

The first two things they received on Thursday morning was a love letter from 1991 and a photo of a new mom feeding her baby.

“Seeing this kind of moves me because it is family,” said Lively. “It is highly likely that it’s family I know. If I can help take something back to them, that would be nice.”

Boring said if the tables were turned, he would hope someone would do the same for him.

"I am going to have my son’s girlfriend take all that stuff that we found yesterday and drop it off there. So, if anybody is missing something, pictures, whatever it might be, they might, can find them there,” said Boring. “That would be pretty cool to return those items. Especially since they lost enough. It is so sad what they lost here."

The items will be set up in the historical section of the library so families can go through them whenever they have a chance.

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