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6 FIX | Senior woman is displaced for second time after Texas winter storms

71-year-old Theresa Carr says the Reserve at Dry Creek management is in no hurry to fix the issue.

HEWITT, Texas — Theresa Carr was displaced from her cottage at the Reserve at Dry Creek in Hewitt because damages caused by the ice storm on Dec. 23. 

The freeze caused the sprinkler system to flood her complex, leaving her scrambling to find somewhere to stay. 

"I can still do for myself and take care of myself and everything, but it's not, it's just not feasible for me to have to go through this," Carr said.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Carr has experienced something like this. 

During the 2021 winter storm, Carr was displaced yet again. She moved in with her daughter for six months while management worked on fixing up the apartment. 

"I've just got settled back in and am enjoying it again," Carr said. "Then this happens all over again."

However, the conditions are worse this time around. Carr says she is tired of waiting. 

"Nobody has given me any answers," Carr said. "It's not any closer now than it was on December 23."

Family members say nothing has been done to get the process started or to get Carr back in her cottage. They also share that management was in no hurry the first time to remedy the situation and the facility is moving slower than ever before. 

To make matters worse, Carr was diagnosed with pneumonia after cleaning up the mess. 

"He said I was on the verge of pneumonia, and he said I'm gonna treat it for that," Carr said.

Carr is also actively helping her daughter who had a heart aneurism that came to light right after Christmas. 

"I'm just tired," Carr said.

The apartment was something she once loved, but now she cannot help but see the damage that has been there for months.

"When I first moved in here, this was so pretty," Carr said. "It has been the best place I have lived, but then this has happened. It just makes me sick to think that it looks like this."

6 News went in-person to the leasing office and spoke with the property manager. Corporate is aware of the situation, and they are planning a conference call with us to address the situation. We will keep you updated with the story as it further develops.

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