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6 Fix update | TxDOT to repair Sanger Overpass in Waco

A Texas Today viewer is worried about a large unexplained bump on the Sanger overpass. TxDot is stepping in to repair it after Six News reached out.

WACO, Texas — Update: TXDOT sent a crew out on Sept. 14 to inspect the bridge. They said the structure is not compromised.

The heaving asphalt is most likely because of current weather conditions, they added and in the short term they will repair it.

Long tern, TXDOT said they will do an in-depth inspection of the roadway and effect any additional repairs that may be necessary.

Day after day Darren Kirkland hits a bump in the road on his way to work.

Kirkland has noticed he's driving over what seems to be a speed bump on the Sanger Overpass. He said this speed bump is getting bigger and bigger.

Kirkland is worried the bump could potentially harm his or other motorists' vehicles.

"Anyone who drives over in that area, when you hit that you know it," he said.

Kirkland added that when he reached out to the city of Waco about his concern, they told him they do not maintain this road, as it's up to the state to do so.

I spoke with a representative with the city, and they confirmed this is correct, and pointed me in the direction of TxDOT.

I reached out to TxDOT about Sanger Overpass, and they responded with this:

"TxDOT bridges are inspected every two years as mandated by federal law, with interim inspections performed in between the biennial inspections. Regarding this specific location, the TxDOT Waco Area Office and Maintenance Office will visit and evaluate the area in question to determine if any course of action is needed to address this reported concern. This is a state-maintained facility."

What caused this bump to show up is unknown. As it's related to the bridge's structural integrity, that has yet to be determined.

TxDOT will be out to inspect it in the near future and I will provide and update when they do.

Kirkland asks that the bump simply be removed so he can have a smooth drive to work.

"I'd sure like to see them get that taken care of because it's a headache on my way to work."

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