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Homeowners in Temple deal with severe flooding since construction of subdivision

Homeowners say any time it rains, flood waters end up in their backyards and inside of their homes.

TEMPLE, Texas — Rainy days are dreadful for some homeowners on Filly Lane in Temple.

It all started around March 2022 when construction for a new subdivision named Atascosa Estates on what will soon be Campbelton Drive began.

The subdivision is being built on grounds that are at least four feet higher than the homes on the adjacent street, Filly Lane. 

Homeowners on Filly Lane say because of the subdivision levels, rain waters are directly landing in their backyards and sometimes inside of their homes.

"We've been here about five years and I have time lapses from when we bought the property," Brianna Helgeson, a homeowner on Filly Lane, explained. "Now it's a total loss and what was once my beautiful garden in my backyard is now ruined."

6 News contacted the Temple Mayor, City Manager and the construction company for comment on these residents' claims but have yet to hear back.

"Neighbors have reached out to all sorts of people. Engineers, developers and the city commissioner," Helgeson said. "I spoke with the city last year and that didn't go too well. This is such a loss. I can't even sell my house if we wanted to. We have so much damage to our home now. There's no way that we can afford to do any of this."

The question homeowners have is how plans for this subdivision and drainage were approved? Another big question is who approved those plans?

If these questions are not answered by the city or the construction company, homeowners are open to the idea of filing a lawsuit against the city.

6 News will continue following the story as we wait to hear back from city and construction officials. 

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