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6 Fix | Residents complain of dirty and dangerous conditions at Temple Apartment complex

Rahsaan Betton told 6 News multiple units at The Brooke Apartments have black mold, no A/C and some, including his own, have even caught on fire.

TEMPLE, Texas — It's not home sweet home for one tenant at The Brooke Apartments in Temple, Texas. Disabled veteran Rahsaan Betton moved into the complex nearly two years ago and claims he has had problems from the start.

After 6 News spoke with Betton on June 23, he was evicted later that day, with a notice from management saying he has an unauthorized occupant in the unit. However, Betton says he has not been in the apartment for weeks because of how unbearable the conditions have been. 

When 6 News visited the complex, Betton said he had black mold on the ceilings of his unit and had A/C problems. 

But Betton says it was a fire that started in his unit that really shook him because he is still in treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

"There was black smoke all in the apartment complex on the floor about three to four feet high," Betton said. "There was nothing plugged into the wall at all, and it burned the back of the couch. It's just unbearable. I was coughing, sneezing. I got to the point where I couldn't go to work."

Betton says his service dog woke him up during the fire and is the reason he is alive today.

One former contractor at the complex who wanted to remain anonymous said the working conditions are also unbearable.

"They wanted me to work in apartments with no AC, and I thought I was going to have a heatstroke," the contractor said.

While she was working in the heat, the contractor said her frustration grew, but it wasn't just because of the temperatures. 

"They put Freon in two vacant A/C's while we have tenants with no A/C's who could be elderly, children," the former contractor added. "People can die in this sort of environment."

It's an environment that multiple tenants are still struggling in.

6 News spoke with multiple other tenants who say they are left without A/C. Another tenant says his apartment caught on fire as well.

Betton said the fire in his unit took months to fix. He says the problem is still left without a complete solution to this day.

"No wiring was replaced," Betton said. "Nothing was tested."

Betton said he believes management is leaving him in the dark.

"All they see is dollar signs," Betton said. "They're not providing a service for the price that you pay for."

6 News reached out to the ClearWorth Residential Regional Manager. They say the property management company only recently took over the property.

They said they are aware of what is going on and are addressing all issues. 

The property manager for the complex declined to comment. 

6 News will stay on this story, and check back in to see what work is being done. 

If you have problems with this complex or need help solving a problem, submit your story here.

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