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'I’ve just cried many of tears' | 80-year-old woman still seeking help after Cameron contractor reportedly swindles $60,000 out of her pockets

If things aren't fixed, Diane Yates will have to move out of the house she grew up in by winter because of the conditions. Her family has set up a GoFundMe.

CAMERON, Texas — Eighty-year-old Diane Yates wanted to add on to her home in Cameron, partly because she wanted to make family gatherings more comfortable. Now, she has hosted the last few holidays in motels because she is living in complete chaos. 

This comes after Yates hired a Cameron contractor for $60,000 who never finished the job she hired him to do, she said.

"He was young, had a young family," Yates said. "I thought maybe I can help him out some if he could get my place done. As it turned out, I didn't know that he scammed other people before me."

Cameron contractor, Brendan Myers, is a wanted man after a grand jury indicted him on three charges for claims of taking thousands of dollars for jobs he did not complete.

Yates first reached out to 6 News a few weeks ago in hopes someone would be able to answer her prayers and fix her home. 

"I've just cried many of tears," Yates said. "I know the Lord will provide somehow."

And she isn't giving up. When the second story aired, some progress was made. An electrician came out to take care of the fire hazards and put lights outside by her front door entrance. 

Yates' grandson and his friend have also helped with the house as frequently as they can, but the family agrees there is still lots of work that needs to be done.

One Central Texas man who wished to stay anonymous is ready to start the big project, but it comes with a cost of around $10,000. 

As June approaches, Yates still has hazards in her home, from wires hanging in rooms to an unstable floor and roof.

"The grandbabies can't even come over much because of everything," Yates added. "I'm afraid they might get hurt."

That's what sparked family members to take matters into their own hands. 

"We got the idea for a GoFundMe to help her like at least get to a place where she can stay in it because currently, I don't think it's livable," Yates' grandson, Jim Radtke, said. "None of us have a ton of money to help out, so we thought maybe we could ask the community to kick in and help out a little bit, and we could get something where she could not be sleeping on the floor."

It will take a village of people to fix the place entirely, but Yates' main goal for right now is to repair the floors and put in a walk-in shower. 

"The shower that I'm having to take one in, I have to step into the bathtub and I've had both knees replaced, both shoulders replaced," Yates said. "I have trouble getting in and out of the tub."

Yates expressed to 6 News if things don't get fixed she will have to move out of her childhood home by winter.

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

As far as Myers, a spokesperson from the Milam County District Attorney's office says they hope he gets arrested soon. They have reached out to law enforcement in Kansas to track him down.

Any potential victim should notify the Milam County District Attorney or contact their office. If anyone has information on where Myers may be, contact law enforcement immediately.


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