BELLMEAD, Texas — Velma Kocian has been buying water for more than a year after finding Bellmead's city water had arsenic in it. After discovering in a local newspaper article that the chemical had been above acceptable state levels, she contacted 6 News on Monday to find out if levels were still high.

The Bellmead assistant city manager would only refer 6 News reporter Andrew Moore to the Bellmead public works director, who was not available, but we found information on Bellmead’s drinking water on the TCEQ website.

Moore found city water samples dated in May had arsenic readings of 0.0023 mg/L and 0.0025 mg/L, and another reading dated in June had a reading of 0.0022 mg/L.

According to the TCEQ website, the maximum contaminant level for arsenic is 0.010 milligrams per liter (mg/L), so the water is within state standards.

In late 2017, the city had a reading as high as 0.0165 mg/L.

Kocian told 6 News she wants the city to be more transparent about what they are doing to keep arsenic levels from spiking again.

6 News will be following up with the city to see whether it's still possible to reduce the amount of arsenic in the water.

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