GATESVILLE, Texas — A Gatesville-area contractor was arrested Thursday for stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman.

Josh Christian is accused of running off with a family’s cash after they hired him in September 2017 to build an extension on their mother's house.

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James Blanchard said in July 2018 that Christian only worked for four days and kept asking for more money. After forking over $14,000, Christian stopped showing up, Blanchard said.

According to Blanchard, his mother did not have a written contract with Christian for the new bathroom.

The family called police and the Coryell County Sheriff's Office began an investigation.

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After more than a year building a case against Christian, he was finally arrested and charged with theft.

KCEN Channel 6 found out Monday that Christian was arrested in 2014 for theft by check and was making restitution payments for that offense last year.

To make this case stick, the district attorney’s office needed to get financial records, talk to contracting experts, and track down people who worked for Christian.

Coryell County DA Dusty Boyd said the case dragged for a long time, but he is prepared to take Christian to trial in the next month.

“The manner and method took a long time for us to get to where we are at, but we are ready. There is not any other work to be done on this case,” Boyd said.

Boyd said it’s also possible the Blanchard family could get restitution money. The Blanchards said this case is about principle and about keeping the elderly safe in Coryell County.

Christian was released from jail Friday after posting a $10,000 bond.

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