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Gone Cold | 'Disco Dan' remains Hewitt's oldest unsolved murder

Nearly 45 years ago, a Hewitt farmer discovered the body of a John Doe. Still with no answers, police are getting creative to help identify him.

Melissa Guz

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Published: 7:21 PM CST November 23, 2022
Updated: 6:00 PM CST February 7, 2023

Just one piece of information. That's all Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin says he needs to help crack the department's oldest cold case.

Since 1978, officers rotating in and out of the Hewitt Police Department have become all-too familiar with the name "Disco Dan," or the John Doe whose body was found -- with a bullet-hole in his head -- inside a drainage culvert along what is now W. Spring Valley Road.

It's a case that frustrates Devlin "to no end," he admits. 

"I haven't figured this one out yet," Devlin, who has been with Hewitt PD since 2009 and police chief since 2012, sighs.

Even so, he says he isn't giving up hope.

"I have hope," Devlin says. "I think we can solve it. I just need one piece to fall into place to figure out who this individual is."

Credit: KCEN
Evidence and notes for Disco Dan remains in a blue office box.

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