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CAUGHT ON CAM: Video shows police shoot man with taser

The man reportedly told police "I don't think this is right" while holding his hands in the air. Police reportedly yelled at the man and shot him with a Taser.

The Killeen Police Department has launched two separate internal investigations after police shot a man with a taser early Monday morning, according to Killeen Councilwoman Mellisa Brown.

Another Killeen man caught the majority of the incident on camera before police took his phone away. 

When 6 News contacted the Killeen Police Department on Wednesday, they would not release the reason why the man was approached by officers or why he was arrested.

KPD responded by email and stated, "The Killeen Police Department is aware of a video circulating on social media involving our officers. An investigation by our Internal Affairs Unit has been launched and will be thoroughly investigated. There is no further information at this time."

The man recording the video, identified as local activist Cluren Williams, said the incident happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday. Williams said police surrounded a man who was inside a parked, running car at this apartment parking lot and demanded he get out of the vehicle. When the man got out, police told him to turn around and put his hand on the hood. 

Williams said the man in the car was named Shawn and was his neighbor. 

The video shows the man telling police "I don't think this is right" while he held his hands up in the air. Police then shot the man with a taser. The video shows the man then being dragged to the ground, turned over and handcuffed.

The man was then taken to jail and was released later that day, Brown said. Williams told 6 News he picked the man up from jail later on Monday. He said, despite being shot with a Taser, the man was not charged with anything. 

"We still aren't clear what charges he has. From my understanding, (he) doesn't even have charges at the moment," Williams said. 

Williams also filed a complaint with the Killeen Police Department because another officer backed him up to the curb and eventually took his phone away while Williams was recording. 

"They took my phone, bullied me, threatened me, shoved me," Williams said.

Williams eventually got his phone back. After filing the complaint, he met with Killeen PD and Killeen Councilwoman Mellisa Brown on Monday to show then the video. 

"We would like some answers very soon. We showed them the video tape. We talked to them about our concerns for the gentleman in the video, and the treatment that I received," Williams said. "We want transparency and accountability immediately. We need it now."

6 News spoke to Brown on Wednesday about that initial meeting.

"We have a very traumatized community right now," Brown said. "I wanted to make sure the person who filmed the video and his support group that had questions about the process were able to get those answers immediately."

Brown told 6 News she also waiting for Killeen PD to release their investigation before commenting on the incident. 

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