Columbia, S.C.-- When you're out on your lunch break, you just never know what you're going to see or hear. That said, are you ever prepared to see a man on a bike carrying a deer...a dead deer?

Well... that happened and Candice Counts captured photos of it. Counts told our sister station WFMY News 2 over the phone she saw the man who was riding a bike, stop and look at the deer. Shortly after, he picked it up, threw it over his shoulder and rode off on his bike.

Counts said she quickly pulled into a gas station's parking lot and snapped photos. She said from her understanding the deer had been hit by a car earlier that morning. She took the pictures around 1:15pm that afternoon. It happened on Broad River Road near Piney Grove Road, she said.

Candice said her first thought after seeing him ride off with the deer was 'blessed' and 'bless him'.

Candice Counts posted this caption with the photos on her Facebook page: "I can't make this stuff up..I swear! Never in my life have I ever seen a man, on a bike....riding down the middle of the road with a dead deer....until now."

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(Photo: Candice Counts)

It has been shared more than 2,000 times, which has surprised her. The man on the bike (David McMilan) also reached out to her. He told her he took the deer home, cleaned and cooked it. Even more surprising, she said, are the number of calls and messages she's now getting from the media. Counts said she can now add WFMY News 2 as one of them.

Apparently, this isn't as uncommon as you might think. After we posted the story Monday, Summer Hull posted this photo of it happening in Mt. Airy.

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