AUSTIN, Texas — After returning from their trip to the White House Monday, the National Champion Baylor Lady Bears made their way to Austin to visit Governor Greg Abbott in the State Capitol.

"It's a huge honor," junior forward and team captain Lauren Cox said. "It's a blessing to be here. To win a national championship and meet all of these important people that represent not only the State of Texas, but Baylor University."

Players, coaches, staff and administrators visited with State Representative Charles "Doc" Anderson of Waco in the morning before heading to a reception in the Texas Speaker's Lounge where Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Dennis Bonnen and several Texas lawmakers made appearances.

The Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate each hosted their own recognitions with ten players and head coach Kim Mulkey.

"I mean, you were invited," Mulkey said. "People here recognize your efforts and what you mean to the state."

The governor presented a congratulatory certificate to Mulkey and the team, and she reciprocated with a signed basketball and an official national championship hat for Abbott. 

Abbott said he would display the basketball proudly in his office.

"They're the best of the best," Abbott said. "I told them in the private reception a minute ago that what Texas stands for is exceptionalism and they are the most exceptional women's basketball team in America."

Sophomore guard Didi Richards added: "It means the world to be able to bring it back, not just to Texas, but my home state. I'm happy everybody gets to share the trophy with us."