KILLEEN, Texas — A 12-year-old Killeen girl said her recovery after being hit by a car has been difficult.

Justice Jackson said a car hit her while she was walking in an intersection with her brother after school. The siblings said they were trying to go to CVS during their walk home. 

Jackson said the driver didn't stop to help, so now the Killeen Police Department is investigating. 

"I'm nervous to walk at a crosswalk," Jackson said.

Jackson said she feels lucky to be alive, but is upset that the suspect may still be driving on the road, free to harm others.

"I'm just dumbfounded," she said. "It's like I would never imagine this would happen to me at this age."

At first, the car stopped for the two to cross the street, according to Jackson. 

"Then all of a sudden it just pressed the go pedal, and I landed on top of the hood," she said. 

Then, things took an unexpected turn.

"I stepped aside dumbfounded, hoping for the driver to come out and try to say something, or see if I was OK," she said. "But that didn't happen. They just sped off."

Her brother managed to get part of the license plate down. The pair then called their mother, who reported the crime to police. 

Jackson has taken time off from school and track practice, and even attended therapy to heal physically and emotionally. 

The girl's mother said she just can't wrap her head around why the driver didn't stop to help. 

"That's the most disturbing part," Pamela Jackson said. "It makes you wonder about everybody. Like would you have done this too? You wouldn't want this to happen to your kid, so why would it be OK to do it to someone else's?" 

The family said it wants an apology, and for the suspect to turn themself in. 

In the meantime, they hope sharing their story will encourage people to be more aware when walking or driving around town. 

Killeen Police detectives said they're looking for a silver SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer. 

Contact the department at (254) 501-8830 if you have any information about the incident.