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9-year-old boy holds sock drive for the homeless in Killeen

A nine-year-old boy in Killeen spent his Saturday collecting socks and donations for homeless shelters.

KILLEEN, Texas — Ayden Hines did not spend his Saturday off from school the way most nine-year-old boys typically do. 

Hines spent his collecting and donating socks. 

"I'm doing a sock drive for the homeless people because they can get really cold and catch a disease," he said. 

Hines started his organization, 'Ayden's Dream', when he was five-years-old. 

"My mom was driving and I saw homeless people and felt really bad for them, so the next day I started Ayden's Dream," Hines told 6 News. 

The organization started with them making and handing out sandwiches and has grown into collecting donations and hosting clothing drives, like the one on Saturday. 

His mother, Sharde Reed, knows that there aren't many nine-year-old boys who are quite as selfless as hers is. 

"Extremely proud of him because he's very quiet, on the honor roll in school, doesn't play sports or anything but he loves the community, loves the homeless people and helping people," she said. "He has a great heart and I love that."

Hines has recruited the help of his family and his friends, which has made this a full community effort. He loves the look on the faces of the people he is helping. 

"They look really happy and they feel surprised because we come there randomly." 

If you'd like to donate, you can follow his page on Facebook or send donations through Cashapp to the handle $AydenDaKid


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