A recent poll conducted by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune on legalization of marijuana in the state had a surprising result to some.

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Less than one in five people who participated in the poll thought Texas should not legalize marijuana. In the special report by Channel 6 reporter Jamie Kennedy it spoke of the push by proponents for new laws on the use of medical marijuana for veterans and civilians suffering from PTSD and chronic pain.

The poll shows a shift in attitude towards the drug by the country as a whole and that its use doesn't have to be recreational but thought of more as medical.

Still as the report from Jamie Kennedy showed, the side affects of the drug are linked to medical problems as well such as the increased risk of a heart attack.

Vietnam veteran Clifford Deuvall, who is also a retired former teacher, and advocate of the use of marijuana as a treatment, said there is a medical refugee movement of veterans moving to other states from Texas looking for alternative treatments for their PTSD like marijuana so they can get off the heavy opioids prescribed to them.