A five-foot peeling A-frame with offshore winds and only your best mates out. No it's not California's Trestles Break or Ventura Beach, it's happening in Waco.

BSR Cable Park in Waco has just opened up its world-first surf park drawing everyone from locals to internationals.

"A lot of people from Texas," said surf manager Cheyne Magnusson. We've also had Australians, Brazilians,(and) Californians.

The system is driven by air and can create a huge variety of waves from small and crumbling for beginners, right up to head-high barreling waves for professionals.

There are other surf parks in the world which use hydrofoil systems, which look like a large plow under the water, with BSR's air-powered wave, it makes it the first in the world.

So the next time someone in Central Texas invites you to get barreled with them because the surf is pumping, don’t worry about the plane ticket, you’re already there.

For all information on the surf park, pricing, and availability, click here.

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