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AAA Texas : Practice vehicle maintenance after ice storm before you hit the roads

As residents start to return to work, AAA has tips on how to prepare your car for the road.

TEXAS, USA — We are finally out of the Winter storm warning and residents around Central Texas are seeing the aftermath of the icy conditions. As residents start to return to work, AAA has tips on how to prepare your car for the road. 

Wash your car or truck

AAA recommends cleaning your car before heading back on the road. Give the entire vehicle, including the undercarriage, a thorough cleaning after the snow and ice melts. Any deposits left over from winter weather can continue to cause corrosion year-round. 

The more you drive your car in the winter, the more salt will stick to it – specifically to the undercarriage, wheel wells, and brakes. What you need to do is wash your car after a winter blast. Do not wipe the salt down, so as not to scratch the paint on your vehicle.


For optimum performance, tires must have adequate tread depth, show no signs of physical damage and be properly inflated. As the air in your tires gets colder, it contracts and has less pressure. 

Tires correspondingly become underinflated. With more potholes on the road after winter weather, AAA says properly inflated tires can act as a cushion to protect your vehicle’s suspension components.

Windshield wiper blades

Cold temperatures are hard on rubber compounds, AAA recommends making early spring a good time to check or replace the blades if necessary.


Check all fluids and top off as necessary. Winter driving conditions require your engine to work harder, and condensation can cause moisture to build up in the engine which can create wear.

Air Filter 

The air filter is an integral part of your engine’s performance, and AAA recommends drivers change them with every oil change.


This maintenance can include washing floor liners, vacuuming the carpets and checking the cabin air filter.


A car battery loses a third of its power in freezing weather. As the air outside cools, the oil in your car thickens. Parts move slower and your battery must use more power to turn over and start the engine. 

AAA recommends that your battery and charging system are checked for optimal performance, especially if a battery is more than three years old and before a long road trip.

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