For pro-life advocates, the Trump administration has ushered in a promising new era for the anti-abortion movement.

“Life is winning in America again!” Declared Vice President Mike Pence at the March for Life.

Back here in Texas, Republican leaders are looking to take advantage of that momentum. Today in Austin an open hearing was held on the senate floor, putting three new proposed anti-abortion bills on the table.

One of those bills would ban late term abortion, another outlaws the sale and research of fetal tissue. While the third would require the cremation and burial of fetal remains,

Opponents of the proposals say lawmakers rationale is extreme

“I think that the bills author’s are painting a picture of worst case scenario” says Kathy Harris

Despite support from the Trump administration, the pro-life movement has ran into obstacles, including a decision by the Supreme Court to shoot down sweeping abortion restrictions last year.

In Waco, pro-life advocates have a new challenge on their hands, as planned parenthood has recently regained their license to perform abortions.

For John Pisciotta, who heads up pro-life Waco, the implications are concerning

“We don't want to be the place that families throughout central Texas think that Waco is another name for abortion.”

And although our calls to planned parenthood weren't returned, state health filings show that a new facility is on the books.

A result, pro life advocates say, is a consequence of that Supreme Court decision back in June.