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Al's BBQ Barn closing after 53 years

'I remember when my dad opened the place. I was 6 years old' owner Jeff Martinec reflects on the legacy of the restaurant

TEMPLE, Texas — Gas prices, groceries, anything you can think of is probably a little more expensive than you're used to. 

Inflation has particularly affected gas prices and in the case of Al's BBQ Barn, meat. 

"We're a meat market. Basically, we deal in meat, we deal in brisket, we deal in sausage, chicken, turkey," Al's BBQ Barn Owner Jeff Martinec told 6 News. "And what's gone up with inflation? Gas and meat."

Martinec said his father opened the restaurant in 1969 when he was six years old. He remembers seeing the long lines of people out the door over the years. He remembers the days when customers could get four beef sandwiches for just one dollar. Those days, he said, are long gone.

"We've been a staple here, but sometimes you have to make tough choices."

Martinec is appreciative of all the customers that have come through over the years. Even today, people showed up looking to get some of their favorite barbecue in Temple. Unfortunately, that's no longer an option. 

"We've had great, great customers. They're sad to see us close. We're sad to see this close," Martinec told me. "It's a family business. My dad started this in 1969 at this location. I was six years old. So it's been a long ride."

There's still hope yet for the business and for the customers who've enjoyed Al's for over half a century.

Now, the business will be able to send you their famous meat right to your door. Martinec said it will take a little time, but hen they figure out the final details, you'll be able to add your name to an email list to get direct shipment of Al's BBQ.

Martinec said you can visit their website when it's up and ready and to be on the lookout for updates when they start shipping.

The kitchen doors may be closing in Temple for the family owned business, but they're not giving up.

"We're still gonna be positive, we're moving forward. We're gonna do it on the other end. We're gonna ship to your house. We're gonna bring it right to you, so you still get the good good foods," said Martinec. 

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