HOUSTON - From dog paddling through flood water one day to walking around a dog park the next.

Perhaps a pup rescued during Wednesday’s deluge should be named “Lucky.”

“She’s just kind of been laying around and being a really good dog,” said Taylor Fontenot.

Fontenot pulled the pooch from the flooded shoulder of the Southwest Freeway soon after a KHOU 11 crew first spotted her swimming across the feeder road at Shepherd.

“And I just pulled the truck into the water, hopped out, put my jacket around her and kind of got her buoyant,” said Fontenot. “I picked her up, put her in my truck, and took her home.”

Fontenot shared video on Facebook shortly after the rescue.

It’s something he’s done for all sorts of animals. He showed us photos from previous missions as Texas Captain of America’s Cajun Navy.

That’s one of the civilian search and rescue organizations also known for saving boat loads of humans during Harvey.

“We had over 35 thousand civilian rescues over 10 days,” said Fontenot.

His latest good deed has blown up on social media, but he said saving the dog trapped in high water was just instinct.

And it happened to occur days after he lost his 5-year-old dog named Buster to cancer.

“I’m going to see how she does on a boat, and if she does well, I might have to keep her,” said Fontenot.

Maybe you could call her Fontenot’s first mate. At last check, he was planning to take her to a vet for an exam.

All indications are that she’s a stray.

Fontenot was thinking about naming her after one of the streets where she was found.