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Belton woman lends helping hand to community during pandemic

Jennifer Smith said she carries items in a car so she can help anyone at a moment's notice.

BELTON, Texas — Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Belton woman is trying to do as much as she can to get people what they need. 

Jennifer Smith was born and raised in Belton and has become very active in the community, and started seeing how many people did not have basic necessities. 

So she put out a post on Facebook asking people to let her know if they could not get to the store and were in need of items. 

"I have been able to help at least one person per day," Smith said. "It''s something, and some days it's even more than that." 

Joyce Holmes, Smith's friend, said Jennifer reached out to her and her husband - a high risk individual during the pandemic - and asked what they needed.

"She drives all over giving people what they need," Holmes said. "She brought us toilet paper and I asked her how much I owed her and she said 'No way, no way.'"

Jennifer keeps the back of her car filled with basic items so she can get them to people at a moment's notice.

"We all need to check on our neighbors, so many of them just can't make it to the grocery store," Smith said.

Jennifer's Facebook post received dozens of comments from community members wanting to pitch in and help.

"It's almost like a bartering system," Smith said. "It's like 'You get this and I'll get this.'"

But it's not just groceries that she's using to help the community, she also heard how many local students raised livestock for projects and now have nowhere to sell them.

"A lot of people messaged me on Facebook so I have a group of people that have animals to sell, and I have a group of people who want to buy." 

Although there are so many people in need right now Jennifer said it's brought out the best in Belton.

"No one wanted this pandemic to hit our area, but it's really brought our community together," Smith said.

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