WACO, Texas — Hygge is a funny word for a fabulous idea and at its core, it's basically anything to do with being cozy. We thought it would be perfect for this time of year and it didn’t take long to find an expert.

"It is a Danish word. There really is not an American exact translation of what it is,” said Eden Radcliffe. She’s the wife of 6 News Anchor Kris Radcliffe and a self-taught interior decorator who’s also half Danish.

“The Hygge lifestyle is also about, you know, purposeful living through everything that you do and receiving joy and comfort from all the things around you."
Hygge came onto the global mainstream several years ago and gained popularity through books like this "The Little Book of Hygge." It was written by the director of the Happiness Research Institute and details all the ways Hygge can make you happier. 

Eden said she’s felt an affinity for it for as long as she can remember. 

"My grandfather was born in Denmark and he came over when he was very very young, through Ellis Island. His name is in the register there. And so I have a whole line of family that lives in Denmark. And so I'm half Danish, and I proved it I've done my ancestry DNA. And so anyway, I think that I am naturally drawn to that."

According to Eden, Hygge is anything that makes you feel happy, cozy, and comfortable. And it starts with candles.

"Lighting candles! If you have scented candles, if there are things that really just bring you joy from the scent, then that just makes you feel good. It's practical, too! You know it's giving you the sense of smell, but it's also something visual that you can see. I never feel guilty about buying candles," Eden said.

If you're looking to Hygge your home, Eden suggested you start by decluttering.

“Decluttering is a huge, huge part of the Hygge lifestyle. You know you walk into a room and it just bothers you every time you see it. That's something that you need to tap tackle and tried to eliminate," Eden said.

Next, fill your space with anything that makes you smile with things from soft blankets, to beautiful plants to amazing art. 

"It's about surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good."

And finally, know Hygge isn’t just about how your home looks.

"It is a choice to just kind of de-stress live a lifestyle where, where the things that you're doing, have meaning and purpose and also bring joy. I think people are trying to get back to more of a centered lifestyle, minimizing the stress in their lives we tend to be very busy, you know, people are always on the go. And one of those ways is to when you come home, you just want that to be your Haven, your place of rest and relaxation and enjoyment. And so creating that vibe when you get home, whether it's more bohemian or more glam, you can do all of that on Hygge," Eden said.

So what’s a tip Eden said her husband, Kris, loves that’s also very Hygge? A hot chocolate station! According to Eden, Kris is a huge fan and it helps him de-stress after work.