UPDATE (Tuesday afternoon): The Bell County Communications Center said repair work to the damaged AT&T fiber optic cables had been completed and service was restored.


Due to an outage at the Temple Lake AT&T Central Office, residents of Temple may have difficulty calling 9-1-1, city officials said in a press release.

Customers, regardless of the phone service they use, might have issues calling 9-1-1 because the emergency service relies on AT&T.

The release stated it was undetermined how long it would take to restore service to AT&T customers. City officials said they would update the public as soon as they receive information from AT&T on when service is restored.

Reached by email Monday, an AT&T spokesperson said the situation was limited to Temple and Belton and was not nationwide.

"We are aware that a fiber cut caused by a third party is affecting services for some customers in Belton and parts of Temple," the spokesperson said. "Our technicians are onsite working to repair the cable as quickly as possible."

In contrast, a website that tracks outages nationwide showed large pockets of AT&T outages in Texas and the northeast part of the United States -- with a significant uptick in reports on Monday. It was not immediately clear what may have caused the other outages.

To view the reported AT&T outages, click here.

Anyone who needs to call 9-1-1 and are unable to complete the call, should call the Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500.