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Attend a concert to benefit the Jenna Marie Richbourg Endowment

Chip and Joanna Gains have been generous and helped to sponsor a wonderful performance this Saturday night at the Midway Performing Arts Center and it hits close to home!

And for Keith and Sherri Richbourg, who lost their only daughter at 19 years old on January 2nd 2017, the group that they've joined has been both therapeutic, and a blessing.

Keith was a former “Barbershop Quartet” member and now thanks to encouragement from friends and family and the inspiration to keep his daughter's legacy alive, the music is pouring out of this amazing and inspiring couple.

Greg Clancy is the Musical Director for Vocal Majority. The volunteer organizations mission is to inspire people’s lives through their music. And it's fitting that they will perform a fundraiser for the Jenna Richbourg endowment, because Jenna herself spent her entire life inspiring others.

Greg Clancy told KCEN :"Keith & Sherri walked in for their first rehearsal, you could almost see their daughter in their eyes."

Sherri Jenna’s Mom went on to say, "Yeah Family, and her friends were Jenna's life and that was really the most important thing to her."

Rise Up for MPS is the performance this Saturday night at the Midway Performing Arts Center, in Jenna's honor. One hundred percent of the money that is raised will go towards the Jenna Marie Richbourg endowment fund, which will help raise awareness about the rare genetic disease she suffered from and to assist families with costs associated with MPS.

Jenna’s Father Keith said: "This is something that we're trying to do as parents to help further the legacy of our daughter.”

Fellow Vocal Majority member, Eddie Martinez, and longtime friend of Keith said: "People audition knowing what the purpose of the chorus is it's to touch people’s lives, and to do it through unity everything is about unity that we do...."

And the Vocal Majority sounds oh so good!!!!! The Midway High School Varsity Men's Choir will also have a special performance on Saturday night. Tickets are between $25 and $100 dollars.

Click here to purchase tickets.