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Austin attorney Julie Oliver challenges incumbent for House seat

Attorney, political newcomer and mother of four, Julie Oliver, is running for U.S. House of Representatives District 25.

A political newcomer is challenging the republican incumbent Roger Williams for his U.S. House of Representatives District 25 seat this November.

Julie Oliver is an attorney and mother of four who decided to jump into politics because of her son.

"About half of our district has preexisting conditions-- my son included," Oliver said. "So I look at my son and I think by the grace of ACA and God you have healthcare coverage that isn’t bankrupting our family."

Last year lawmakers challenged the Affordable Care Act, and Oliver said she knew then it was time to step up. So, she talked to her husband, who's now her campaign manager, and decided to challenge Williams.

“Our nation needs fresh leadership," Oliver said. "I also say imagine how different congressional priorities would be if congress was legislating from the heart of a mother."

Oliver believes in comprehensive but humane immigration reform and giving DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship.

“To send children back to a country they don't know-- it's going to be devastating for the soul of America but devastating to our economy as well,” Oliver said.

While she is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, she said she believes there is room for improvement, especially in the background check process.

“I do think we need some sort of common sense gun legislation," Oliver said. "[Such as] universal background checks even [for] private to private sellers.”

Oliver said she would like to see mental health issues included in a comprehensive healthcare plan and believes this would keep America-- and our schools-- safer.

She is also against “Tax Reform 2.0” which she said gives permanent tax breaks to the wealthiest one percent. It also cuts payroll taxes in half which Oliver said effectively cuts social security and Medicare funding in half as well.

"What’s going to happen to our senior citizens? That’s a question Roger Williams needs to answer," Oliver said. "He can’t answer it because he has no plan to cover that shortfall."

Even though she's never held political office, Oliver said she believes she's the better choice for district 25.

“I think it is time for a change," Oliver said. "I think people are feeling that. They're sensing that they want something different.”

Oliver’s campaign runs solely on individual donations with no money from political action committees.

Election Day is November 6th, 2018.

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