Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest welcomed its first New Year's baby at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Robert Lee III, born to Waco parents Robert and Carolina, was the first arrival at the hospital.

He weighed in at five pounds, 13 ounces and measured 18.75 inches long.

"We'll he's our rainbow baby,” said Robert Pecina. “We lost one previously. Then out of nowhere comes a new bundle of joy.”

While enjoying New Year's Eve by dancing the night away, Carolina Pecina started feeling contractions around three to five minutes apart. She drove herself to the hospital on the iced over roads.

“In my defense I was at work," said Robert.

“I didn't feel safe with anyone driving me, so therefore I was going to drive and I did it," said Carolina.

Carolina's labor lasted for ten hours.

"I'm just happy he's here. He's early. He's 12 days early from the due date," said Carolina.

After losing a baby almost three years ago Robert and Carolina admit they had their worries during the pregnancy.

"I had to be very cautious and kept thinking what if?” said Carolina. “You have to set your mind to it that if it does happen you have to be ready for it. Although there's nothing you can really do to prepare yourself for it."

Robert says having a baby born on New Year's day was a blessing.

"I was trying not to cry, just knowing that I've wanted my own son for a while. I have step children, beautiful daughters, but this being my son, my prayers are answered," said Robert.