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Bell County family says they've been without running water for 2 months

Deborah Kennedy said her landlord cut off the water after their pipes sprang a leak during February's winter storm. But nothing has been fixed since.

HEIDENHEIMER, Texas — A Bell County family said they've been without water since February's ice storm.

And even after telling their landlord multiple times, they said it has been an uphill battle to get anything done.

"They need to come fix it because this is the worst place I've ever lived in. I hate it," Kennedy said.

Deborah Kennedy said she's had trouble with the landlord since her family moved into the mobile home in December. 

"I have applied to so many places trying to get out of here trying to get back to Temple trying to do it and it's hard," Kennedy said.

Following the ice storm, they had a massive water leak in the pipes of their home.

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"The whole backyard was flooded. It was like a pool basically," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said they called their landlord who sent someone out to turn off the water, but since then she said the problem hasn't been fixed.

"We gave it a week and we called them and we were like and they said they had 150 something properties that didn't have it so we are on a waiting list." Kennedy said.

Kennedy said after a few weeks of waiting she eventually sent a certified letter to the property management company outlining everything that needed to be fixed. Things like broken doors, cracks in the walls, and a sinking tub among other things.

But the biggest issue they said was the lack of water. Meanwhile, Kennedy's husband Scott McPherson is forced to make daily trips to Walmart to fill up water jugs. 

"It cost anywhere from five to nine dollars depending on how many I take with me," McPherson said.

The family has had to pay for hotels and sometimes shower at other family member's homes.

Kennedy said it's frustrating to keep paying rent when nothing gets fixed, but John Torti, an attorney with Lone Star Legal Aid, said it's wise to keep doing so to avoid eviction.

"The reason that is is because rent is a separate obligation from what the landlord has to do about repairs," Torti said.

The Texas Property Code states landlords are required to repair things that affect a tenant's health and safety.

Attorney John Torti said if the repairs haven't happened and you can't move out, stay current on rent and send a certified letter outlining repairs. If that doesn't work, you may need to get the courts involved.

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The property management company said they've sent crews out a couple of times to inspect the water issue but got run off by the family saying they cursed out the maintenance workers.

The family refutes that.

A company spokesperson told 6 News if the family apologized they would send someone out there.

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